The new premium refreshment with the very best of sun-kissed grapes in a sparkling white wine. Enjoy every occasion tastefully, relaxed and alcohol-free with Pfalzwasser Vinnade.


The Pfalzwasser Story

The love for good wine, the recurring morning hangover, the pitiful glances when you toast with water again or the much too sweet lemonade - which doesn't really refresh - made three old friends ponder. Do we need the next "new lemonade" with alternative sugar? Another smartly designed variation of Mate and co.?

Nope. Why not just change what you prefer to drink so that you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere?

With an excellent white wine, a team of nerdy wine specialists, a new process for dealcoholisation and many sleepless nights, a stylish, alcohol-free soft drink made from sparkling white wine was created.

We from Pfalzwasser call it Vinnade.

And how does a white wine become a Vinnade?

In a dealcoholisation plant, a very high vacuum causes the boiling temperature of the alcohol to drop below 30°C. At these low temperatures, our full-bodied white wine is dealcoholised very gently and most of the flavours are retained. The few aromas that escape are collected by various membranes and returned to the wine. Our white wine is now alcohol-free!

Finally, our dealcoholised wine is refined with a small shot of exquisite grape must from a secret source and some carbon acid.

Voilà, our refreshingly sparkling Pfalzwasser Vinnade is ready.